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Akihabara Ranking 1
Tokyu Stay Suidobashi
・Stylish hotel・Neat room・Friendly staff・Quiet and relaxing space
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Akihabara Ranking 2
Dormy Inn Akihabara Hotel
・Ease hotel, with warm interior・Simple room・Luxury public bath
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Akihabara Ranking 3
The Hotel Belle Grande
・Luxury hotel・Spacious room・Great cost performance
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Akihabara Ranking 4
APA Hotel Akihabara
・Stylish hotel・Dimly lit room・Convinient location・Well-educated staff
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Akihabara Ranking 5
One Third Residence Akihabara
・Good designed residence・Ambient room・Popular with couple tourists
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Remm Akihabara Hotel
・Urban interior hotel・Stylish room, tidy feeling・Little bit narrow
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First Cabin Akihabara Hotel
・Fashinable capsule hotel・Stylish room・Spa・Enjoyable inn
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Hotel MyStays Asakusa-bashi
・Comfortable room・Convinience store inside・Tidy room・Large bed・3min from Asakusabashi Sta.・14min from Edo-Tokyo Museum
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Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo
・Close to station・Spacious room, with tidiness・Well educated staff・Close to Skytree・4min walk from Kinshi-cho Sta.・17min from Edo Tokyo Museum
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Hotel MyStays Ochanomizu Akihabara
・Relaxing room, well organized・Convinience store inside・Excellenet staff・5min from JR Akihabara Sta.
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